Hey Sis,
Come on in.

There's a seat at the table and we've been waiting just for you.

I’ve been waiting for you. It’s time to live.  You know those dreams you have? That aching desire that there has to more to life than homework, bills, and laundry? That ping in the back of your mind that maybe, just maybe, you were designed for something more?

Well sis, you are. 

You were deisgned by our almighty creator for great works! He prepared them in advance for you to do, and my task is to empower you to connect to Him, overcome your obstacles, and reach them. 

God is calling you. Yeah, you. Right now. Right where you are. 

And it’s time to step into your purpose , His presence, and deeper into relationship with God and His people. Right. Now.

Are you ready?  This seat at the table is set just for you.


How do we get to abundant living? How can we live our lives on purpose?

Before we can do the work of embracing who we are in Christ, we have to first be willing to take a long and hard look and the stuff that’s been in His space.

We all know we’re called to live abundantly in Christ. We even feel the longing for something more than the mundane. But how do we actually take a step forward out of the chaos & confusion into God’s desire for lives?

Well, it begins with some soul work governed by the Holy Spirit. It means choosing continually to turn away from anxiety, calming our fears, getting to the root of some of the lies we beleive, and attaching God’s truth to our brokenness so we can overcome. And for the best results, we shouldn’t do this work alone.

– Are you ready to develop a deeper relationship with Christ?
– Are you ready for an identity that cannot be shaken by circumstances?
– Are you ready to capture the overwhelming thoughts in your mind and situate yourself for forward progress?
– Are you ready to walk down the path of freedom from anxiety, worry, depression, anger, or emotional chaos?
– Are you ready to tackle anxiety, worry, depression, anger or emotional chaos through Word to get to where God is calling you?

If you’re ready…this tookit is your first step, and me…

I’m here to make sure you’re not walking alone. 


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About Brittany

A wife and a mom of three girls, Brittany is passionate about connecting her generation to the truth of scripture and the love of God; empowering them to live in the abundant life purchased by Christ for all at Calvary.

Empowering others through wit, humor, deep scriptural insight, and her bold personality, she helps women know that they are seen and supported on their faith journey.

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