Written by Brittany Turner

October 22, 2018

Guys, if I told the truth and you spoke to my family and friends they would tell you that I’m a talker. My parents said I have talked since birth. I used to drive them absolutely insane. I’m sure some of them are still slightly grated by it.

I talk to process, I speak to love, and I use my voice to tell others every change I can about the goodness of a great God who saved a broken girl like me.

It thrills me, and makes simultaneously makes me shake to my core to get to use my mouthpiece for him. This piece I’m sharing today marks the first piece of my writing I’ve ever read publicly, (aside from one for my grandmother lol!) As a result, it’s very dear to my heart.

A bunch of you asked to see the full video so here it is…

Want to see more speaking videos? Check out my speaking tab here.

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