Capability vs. Capacity (Know Your Season)

Matt 11:29-30 ESV Picture Quote

Every once in a while we will arrive at these seasons of shifting. Fall always gently reminds me of this truth.

Sometimes, these seasons are ones we can prepare for, ones we can see coming, like school starting again, beginning a new job, or preparing for a move.

But, then there are those that subtly or suddenly sneak upon us. Sickness, sudden success (even when we’ve been quietly working), or unexpected loss in any way.

In those seasons, as we come to balance the new things in our lives, we stumble upon a sense of unease, and in a way, a crossroads.

A fork between our capability and our capacity. 

We struggle to reconcile what we could do before or to reconcile the old groves and rhythms that we were accustomed to with the current ebbs and flows of today.

It’s here that we struggle to gain our footing, find new spaces and rhythms, and identify where to go next. 

When we feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable as seasons adjust and change around us, what we must always remember is this— as His disciples with access to His Holy Spirit working within us, we have both a duty and the gift of a divine pause.

So right now as the winds are shifting, or blowing with immense pressure, take a moment and listen. Be still and take an account.

Slow down long enough to listen and lean in as the Holy Spirit directs us away from what is nice to what is necessary. 

The truth that many of us don’t break long enough to embrace is this — while we are called to do much, we are not called to everything right now. 

We have to be willing to leave space for the Holy Spirit to nudge us awake as He reveals what isn’t as important as we thought it was, or what was never supposed to be on our plate or in our hands in the first place. 

It’s in these pauses that we submit to our human and earthly limits. That we, like our Savior was, are finite beings so long as we walk this earth. We have limits to our energy, resources, and time. Therefore, while we are able within our wheelhouse to do very much, we are indeed not called to do all.

The truth of the lighter yoke is that we are not God, but merely in partnership with the divine; and while this does give us supernatural power, it doesn’t make us sovereign.

The lighter yoke he offers in Matthew is an invitation to space;  it leaves room. Room to adjust, and lean into our capacities in each season so we might be effective at the few things He’s called us to do. 

Because it’s always better to be faithful with your few than mismanage many. 

So may we let go. May we be reminded that as things change and new things join our plates, that not everything is called to remain our portion in every season. Our capabilities are not defined by our capacities, and what He has given us for today is enough.

Tap into His strength and the Spirit-led direction of His power that we might move with vigor and vitality we need for this season right now.

Not for a future calling, or drawing on dreams of the past, but walking hand in hand with the Spirit towards the promise of today. 

May we rest and lean into Him today for the stamina we need to complete our race well.


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