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We started late this year. 

I sat still one day crying both from exhaustion and feeling utterly behind on life. I had missed personal deadlines, crept scarily close to others, and even more knew the first day of homeschool was on the horizon. 

Overwhelmed and seemingly out of options I texted one of my dear friends and mentor, Deanna Mason. Frantic and in need of help she carved out some time for me that same day. 

As I listed each concern and complication on my mama heart, she in a few short moments flicked actions and items on my list one by one. She recommended that I outsource some but encouraged me to completely put down others; one of them was homeschool —something that up until this point in our conversation had seemed completely non-negotiable.

I knew I was called to it, and it was what was best for our family, but the thought of starting at the top of September seized my heart. She calmly reminded me that my state didn’t have requirements for a start date, and for the betterment of us all, I could push our first day back without penalty.

Her calm voice and years of wisdom gave me permission I just wouldn’t take. I wasn’t bound and as stuck as I thought. I had help, I had community, and I had freedom.

In Christ, I’ve learned that walking with him isn’t a solo sport. It can’t be. Jesus walked in complete union with the Father and Spirit. Then, in His infinite wisdom, as He walked the earth, He built and placed his own disciples in community. 

It was that community that encouraged each other on tough days, but that also brainstormed and helped them to tackle challenges in advancing the gospel as they arose. They were a body. They depended on each other for help, guidance, prayer, and encouragement all while working their portion of the field.

That day, I needed my mentor. I needed a friend to help me see it so I didn’t quit.

What if the secret to curing our burnout doesn’t just rely on one more Bible study? What if the answer instead is found in our vulnerability and openness in community.

She paved a way for this moment, taken at the start of this month, and the flourishing moments in my home that followed.

She made the time, but I had to make the petition. She lifted me up, but I had to open my mouth and ask for help. 

Matthew 11:28 encourages us to come to Christ for rest, but sometimes the rest we need is ushered in on the hands and feet of those around us.

Yes, we must pray to Lord and ask for His help and His guidance. It’s our right as sons and daughters to depend on Him for both direction and provision. Scripture clearly reminds us that He is indeed our only true source. (Psalm 121: 2)

However, may we never mistake our access to provision with complete control over the process or pathway he chooses to provide.

It is this same God that offers us rest offers us unity. The God of creation chose to build His church in groups and Himself exists in a divine community. 

It is this same God that loves to invite us into partnership with Him as we serve others and share His love. 

And yes, it’s the same God that will use those same hands and feet that He calls into ministry to carry out His love, direction, and provision in our lives too. That day I prayed, but the Holy Spirit directed me to the place I would find my answer.  

That day, my friend bore my burdens and gently ushered me back into the hands of the Father simply because I let her in.

And with that, we’re off! Homeschool year number 5 at Turner Academy is on a roll, and as you can see, even little mama would not be left behind 😂

This sweet space and start came as a gift straight from God, but it was wrapped by one of His daughters. What could you be missing by wrestling with the wrapping?

Follow that nudging from the Holy Spirit friend. Open up and try again. 

The help you need might just be found in your humility and the hands of someone else. 

Brittany J. Turner


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