About Brittany

A wife and a mom to three gorgeous girls and one beautiful boy, Brittany is passionate about connecting her generation to the truth of scripture and the love of God; empowering them to live in the abundant life purchased by Christ at Calvary.

With a bachelor’s degree from Howard University and an MDiv from Regent University, Brittany uses her gifts to help God’s people bridge the gap between what they say they believe and how they can practically live an authentic and empowered Christian life. Teaching truth transparently is her trademark in hopes that in her story can help others develop a deep and abiding faith as disciples at the feet of Jesus.

This is the heart behind her platform and the online community she is creating. Her goal is to let women know they are seen and supported as they pursue their God-given passions and goals for His glory not in a future idealistic version of themselves, but right now in their present, every day, and seemingly ordinary reality.

Born and raised in the DMV, she currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her family.

Here’s my prayer for you:

May you find on these pages humor, insight, comfort, and a community of people seeking to live their best lives now, right where they are. May you encounter the Holy Spirit and find strength and courage that empowers you to go after the abundant life Christ purchased for you. May you tend to the little God has given you, honor the gifts He has placed inside you, embrace each portion of your story and journey, and celebrate your strength exactly as you have been designed and equipped.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

My Little People