Welcome to the Seated Sisterhood. It’s my honor to host this space, on a cozy couch and snuggled around a table where you can pour out yourself, authentically.

This, sister, is your place to sit and stay with Jesus. To learn to navigate the scriptures with confidence, to understand who God is according to His word, and to walk out your faith with courage and Spirit led character surrounded by the support of your sisters.

This is your place beloved. Welcome to the table.

If you’re ready to:

  • Learn how to study your Bible deeply 
  • Learn and grow in confidence in your ability to understand Scripture
  • Discover, enjoy and embrace the love of God by learning His character through the Word
  • Connect with women no matter how stacked your schedule and no matter where you are the the world
  • Share authentically from where you are and gain support and encouragement to boldly live your faith.
  • Find a safe space to grow and process with other women following Christ from and determined to remain anchored to the authority of scripture.
  • Curious about using Bible Study tools such as concordances, original languages, background context, and the larger picture of scripture to shape your study
  • Exchange your limited time for rich and lasting results

Then this Sisterhood is for you!

As a Founding Member, you can choose your level of commitment! Your support helps us to grow this ministry and reach more women with the truth of the gospel.

As a member you’ll receive:

  • Daily access to a private community group in a dedicated space (no social media distractions here!) 
  • Weekly reflections, connections, and conversations throughout our study to encourage application not just head knowledge.
  • Exclusive Live access to Bible Study Teaching Videos
  • Future discounts and early access to live stream events
  • Access to our Sisterhood Nights– A live event for community connections, designed as an authentic space to talk about real faith, struggles, and life as a Christian woman with other women like you.
  • A Monthly Zoom Call with your Seated Sisters, and access to our “Focus on the Caller Bible Study Series
  • Access to specialized support groups and bible study resources through the Faith Sisters App
  • Discounts and early access to future content/paid courses


Your gift is a partnership – an investment in your spiritual walk and growth, and a way to enable me to gather the tools need to continue to pour into this community.

Sis, there is a seat in this space carved out with your name on it. Are you ready to take your seat?


I believe that each woman who desires to grow in her knowledge of God and connect in community can be connected here. If finances are a hindrance for you, please know that scholarships are available. Click here to apply for financial assistance.

Have some extra margin to support another sister’s desire to grow?  Click here to sponsor another woman in her journey. *this is not designated as a recurring donation. If you would like to donate monthly please let me know!*

The Sisterhood’s doors will close soon so we can focus on growing our group and building our connection as we study.

Our next study starts on October 23rd!

Doors will close on October 31st, 2023.

Seated Sisterhood Doors Close